Hey y'all, Long time reader first time member from new south Wales Australia

Hey guys and girls, firstly thank you one and all for all of the valuable information I've already received from this community it's been a big help. I've recently found myself back in the world of diy audio after a few years, However this time around my goals are far more simple widely researched and covered, I'm just having a bit of trouble getting all my ducks in a row so to speak.

I am building speaker cabinets for instruments (both for myself and others) , bass, keys and guitar, however it is the 'full range' for bass and keys that are providing the most painful calculations.

So with that said, this is the first step on an adventure, if anyone could point me in the appropriate direction to post questions about crossovers and filters, that would be most welcome. Thanks again and, I'll see you at camp.
Thanks George

I'll head over and start harassing the elders lol.

I recently got into a band that hail from your part of the globe, villagers of ioannina city, if you haven't heard of them, like a prog rock / stoner rock vibe. Really cool stuff, bought their album 'age of aquarius'.

Thanks again.