Hey there! Looking for some ideas

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Hey guys, awesome site here. Wish I would of found this years ago...

Anyways, I am here because I am looking at designing a new amplifer rack for my moblie DJ gigs. However I am not your normal DJ.

When I was 14 I got into the car audio scene and eventually ran DB drags around Michigan until I was 17, I eventually got out completely because of ringing in my ears became extremely bad.

I also did automotive racing and still do so, however last year I got back into music in the form of DJing, but I decided to use my left over piles of Rockford Fosgate amplifers.

I purchased 3 power supplies in the form of 2 15v@30amp and 1 15@50amp to power the amplifers. I also purchased two Rockford Fosgate RFDJ1 PA speakers. I currently use 2 Rockford Fosgate P2s in a custom box(crude horn-loaded) for my low end. Laugh if you want, but I entertained over 600 people total this year and only had great success, paid off everything last month, except my music subscriptions. I am also building a Titan 48, but just recently under went jaw surgery so I am still stuck in the house.

However my current setup lacks the refined look that 'true' PA stuff has, sound quality isn't a problem at all, I've measured my system on a iphone at about 93dbA at gigs I do. While this may not be an exact measurement, that same phone reads about 97dbA at a high energy dance club.

At this point I need to build an amplifier rack to fit my amps and power supply. I currently have a setup that works great, but its been revamped to much and I need to build just a separate setup to house it all.

Anyways I'd like to hear some ideas, or better yet some projects that others have done. I have a complete shop but like I said, I want something that looks good to and to a point hides the fact my amps are just class A/B car audio :)

Thanks for reading :)
Hello - and Welcome to diyAudio!!!! :D:D:D

Do you have something to this equipment rack in mind? Odyssey Flight Zone Rack with Casters at zZounds

Or are you looking to do something with making the speakers easy to transport?

Thats to big for what I need. While I can could build something from scratch, I kind of want a 'skeleton' of what your link is.

My amps are all smaller than than 12x12 inches and my power supplies are about 1/2 that, maybe a bit longer tho.

I want something I could leave underneath my table skirt out harms way. Preferably really cheap :D
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.