hey guitar playas, try this one!

the regulated screens give a punchier sound.

this runs the 6550's at a classic "class a" operating point with 300v on the screens, which makes 'em very happy.

the large plate octal preamp tubes make for excellent tone.

historically 6550 guitar amps sound rather dry and clinical, due to ab operation and overvoltage on the screens, the cheesy way out.

try it! 6550's were designed for audio, and run properly they KILL for guitar. 40 watts in class A.
yes you could go that route fer sher. for different trannie configs tune the feedback loop by ear...

make sure you have upwards of 200 mils available in the 350/350 supply and enough output trannie to handle the juice. the more the merrier here.

i originally did this design in a beater fender chassis as a gift to my friend chris cush who owned Mojo Guitars here in nyc for many years. i made it w/ switchable output impedance so it would run any cabinet.

it ended up in the backline at Continental, where musos beat it senseless for years on a nightly basis. still going strong with only the occaisional tube change.