Hey from Canada


2013-05-08 8:47 pm
Just wanted to say hello. I have recently got interested in building amps and audio equipment.

I have ordered some chip amp stuff from ebay:
NE5532 volume control board
DIY Speaker protection board kit
150W Toroid Transformer 22Vx2 22V+22V 12V
and LM3886 Amp Board+rectify filter LM3886TF KIT

(all from eBay My World - hifispot168 seller)

Along with some random stuff - silver solder, rca connectors, power relay (dunno if that's needed) knobs, alps pot, vu meter (dunno how that will work out)

This will be my first major hifi project. Tied closely with the other project I have been working on - a digital music player using (at the moment) a raspberry pi, a cheap usb dac/soundcard (just for now) connected to a LCD (just got a 40x2 one in the mail today) and some knobs and other stuff. All controlled from probably a teensy3 or arduino.

Also experimenting with the the msgeq7 chip that is basically a 8band spec analyser. I have been toying with the idea of just doing the fft operations on the teensy3 (90mhz arm board!) to get maybe 32 bands which would go very nicely with the dot matrix displays I got.

Hopefully i'll learn quite a bit here, I have been lurking for a while!