Here's a thought for a new design - what do you think?

This thought came about after a friend post that he wanted to build this PE under the sofa sub......see link.

Parts Express DIY Project

I started thinking that maybe a larger folded design might work better with just one driver. So here is the idea: Mind you, this thought is only an hour old.

So, a folded or tapped horn box that would fit under a sofa and be as big as posible. I just measured my sofa and I can fit a box that is 6' x 3' x 5" under there. One or more drivers.

The question is: can you make a folded horn or tapped horn that would go down into the 20s or 30s that is only 5" tall?
You sure can, however as you're limited in driver width or depth, it's feasible to use multiple smaller drivers to get the maximum output at an acceptable level. Using the W6-1339SC, the portait cabinet is 5" deep but it needs the addition of rubber feet to allow the driver to make any excursion (the height of the rubber feet should be added to the total cabinet height).

Regards Johan