Hercules Prophetview 720 15” ???

i think it will be fine it has a 30ms response time which is ok unless you are a hardcore FPS or something.

the only thing that will probably irritate you as the chances of the FFC cable being too short are like 90% and youll have to order the right parts from a specialist electronics site to sort it out - i did this with mine.

the FFC usually attaches 2 controller boards in a way which puts them right in the way of the lcd and covering a third of your display!!
Bad news, apparently it’s not DIY-friendly link. It has an “L” design (one board on the bottom/ top and one on the side of the lcd) so will need one FFC extension, witch you can buy from here. I know neither the pitch nor the number of connectors.
If it’s really cheap than it’s worth the trouble and bear in mind that you could also make your own ffc cable, as long as you desire (well, 40cm, the length of a standard ATA66 cable, will suit any needs).
The 30ms response time will not be an issue at all; I think because of the different type of lighting we use in our setups, compared to that of the original monitor.