help with White LED


2004-09-05 5:57 pm
I have a bunch of white LED's.My problem is since the LED's produce heat,I am using a heat sink.

I tried using a heat sink paste to stick the LED's to the heat sink but did not succeed in doing so.

Can someone suggest some idea by which i can fix the LED's onto the heat sink .... I was thinking of putting holes onto a metal plate where the LED's can sit and then screwing that plate to the heat sink ..............

Please help in this regard

thanks & regards

LEDs are comfortable at higher operating temperatures than people are, but still have their limits. Some may be able to simply use a fan. LED manufacturers who make LEDs for mounting to heatsinks will be able to tell you how to mount them. One method that I know of involves the use of a circuit board with a heavy ground plane to dissipate heat under components that run warm. Good luck.
yeah, you need thermoconductive adhesive (i think it may be an epoxy)

assuming that your leds heat transfer plate is not electronically isolated, you need to ensure that you get thermoconducting, but non-electroconducting adhesive, the paste you have used usually has only weak or 'coincidental' adhesive qualities