Help with switch selection and wiring needed

I posted this in the amp forum as well, but I'm not sure that's the appropriate forum for this question. So here it goes in the Parts discussion again:

Would some one help me select the appropriate switch and show me how to wire it, please? :confused:

Here is my situation:
I have designed a passive frequency shaping circuit for my AKG K-1000 headphones. It consists of a R/L low pass, zobel and an L-pad.
I would like to be able to simultaniously switch both resistors in the L-pad and the resistor in the R/L. I need at least 4 positions- all in stereo. The last position should allow me to bypass the R/L alltogether. I'm looking at 2W tops passing through the switch.
Can you think of such switch/wiring? Or should I think relays?