Help with switch selection and wiring needed

Would some one help me select the appropriate switch and show me how to wire it, please?:confused:

Here is my situation:
I have designed a passive frequency shaping circuit for my AKG K-1000 headphones. It consists of a R/L low pass, zobel and an L-pad.
I would like to be able to simultaniously switch both resistors in the L-pad and the resistor in the R/L. I need at least 4 positions- all in stereo. The last position should allow me to bypass the R/L alltogether. I'm looking at 2W tops passing through the switch.
Can you think of such switch/wiring? Or should I think relays?
Bill, the circuit stays the same in all four positions. Only values of the 3 resistors change. So, in position "1" R1041 might be 30 Ohm while L-pad values are 36 Ohm and 200 Ohm. In position "2" R1041 is 46 Ohm and the L-pad consists of 20 Ohm and 120 Ohm and so on. It's really not that important what the values are, what I'm looking for is help with the selection of the proper switch (I assume a rotary multidecker with 4 positions?) and some idea how to wire it up. Once I get started I can figure out the rest but there are 1000 switches at Mouser and I have no experience selecting the proper one.
4 pole, 4 position.
Shorting or non-shorting is up to you.


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I found this on the web:
The description is :"4 pos, 2 poles per deck, 8 decks"
I guess I can run 2 decks paralell to achieve 4 poles and use up total of 4 decks for stereo, or use 1 pole per deck and utilize all 8 decks. The price is certainly right- only $8.00