Help with Sony HMK-40 fault, one bad channel

I've been trying to figure this one out for a while, but don't have the skill to diagnose the fault, so would be very grateful if anyone could offer any advice. I don't want to give up on it as it's sentimental.

Sony HMK-40 Music System

Basically one channel is fine and the other is rough, sort of hissing and crackling. But the headphone jack is perfect.

The burn mark is from a solder iron and unrelated.

Can anyone suggest how to approach this fix?






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2017-02-07 1:54 pm
This is a about a Sony HMK 40 AM-FM cassette receiver with turntable.
On HifiEngine there is only a picture shown, no further details.
That's making a succesfull repair a bit difficult.
Just look for odd things: crappy solderings, corroded metal parts, loose or almost broken things. Try to fix it. Get some help from a handy compadre.
This kind of equipment were never designed, build and sold to last longer than some years.