Help with SDX10

I have 2 CSS SDX10 subs that have open voice coils but are otherwise in great condition. The woofers move freely and the cones and surrounds are in in excellent condition. CSS said they can't repair. I'm looking for any suggestions for how I might repair or there is a repair shop that might have a voice coil that would fit before I throw them out.

I tried wiggling the leads. One gives measurements that jump around but are still very high. The other stays open. My guess is they were overdriven at some point. I bought them new for subs I designed/built for my kids long ago. It's too bad the voice coils can't be replaced.
A recone person can probably fix them. They will take the dome off with mek and patch the connection at the eyelet. If this is an issue, the cone excursion has exceeded the braid length so longer braids is recommended, and/or a cabinet that limits cone excursion. You can buy mek at the home improvement store in plumbing as a PVC solvent. Finding the right glue is not so easy.