Help with rockford 1501bd


2006-09-22 8:32 am
Listen to Perry on tis amp he knows theese amps well as he helped me fix a few of them.

The noise your probably hearing is loose windings on the transformer Every 1500 bd Ive fixed had loose windings on the transformer so not that much of a deal try twisting/pulling on the transformers to see if the noise goes away or gets worse.

Also like perry said if you only replaced 4 fets that may be part of the problem.

All the Bd's ive dealt with a few fets were shorted and the other ones were leaking between the legs In the same bank of fets. There are 2 banks of fets in this amp 1 for the first supply and 1 for the second.

When i replace the power supply fets I also replace all the drivers for the fets as well the MPSA56 and MPSA06's i also check the gate resistors make sure they are within tolorance.

Hope this helps.