Help with Replacing old capacitors of crossover

Hi All,

If possible, I would like to get some help/opinions/advices from you.

I have AERO 903A speaker system, which I purchased in 1988.

After I purchased a Denon receiver with Audissey equalizer a couple of years ago, I found that there is some problem with the crossovers.

With the equalizer, the sound from speaker becomes so clear and detailed.
From the room correction filters, I found that there is large filter gain in high frequencies.

I believe that the capacitors needs to be replaced.
I opened up the speaker and looked at the crossover (please see the attached picture).
Before I opened it up, I guessed that I would rebuild the whole crossover. However, after I opened it, I found that I could not do complete rebuilding since I cannot find the values of some of the components.

In the picture, there are 4 inductors, which I could not figure out their values at all. I just put a quarter coin for size comparison.

I can clearly see 3 resistors with their values. 10W 3ohm for the one connected to mid range (shown left lower corner), 10W 5 ohms for the other 2 resistors. All are made by "SUN KWANG".

For capacitor, there may be 4. I can see 3 black electrolytic capacitors. I cannot find the values, though.
I believe that the yellow thing labeled with "445K2E" could be a capacitor, too. Could anyone provide some information on this? From google, this could be a capacitor with 4.4 micro Farad, but I am not sure.

In the picture, Red wires are from speaker terminals from amp. T connects to tweeter, M to midrange, and W to woofer.

Here is the list of information, if possible, I would like to get from you.

1. Meaning of 445K2E and what kind of capacitor is this?
2. Guesses on values of inductors
3. Any opinion on rebuilding crossover

Thanks in advance.


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