Help with psone LCD

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Hopeing to here from some of you who have taken apart psone panels or other small lcd tv's......

I got my panel finally in the mail. Interact mobile one. I tested it and it works great. The LCD is actually a toshiba 9F, whatever that means. Got it all apart. I have 3 boards only one ribbon thus far.

In swivel base is first board that has the rca/RGB inputs and power, etc...

The second is the controler board (I guess:confused: ) Its larger, about 2/3 the size of the lcd panel connected to another smaller board under neath that is about 1/3 panel size not rectangular but kinda a L shape piece. This is the ribbon connection. The others are similar to cdrom sound wires in pc, but more wires. There all apart thus far..... here is the prob.

The small L shaped board, board 3. I cant figure it out. There are 3 soldered tabs at the bottem of board to the metal frame that goes around the panel. Some who have taken tv's apart similar to this have bent this down or somthing it seems. Cause you can see the frame is bent back. Is this right? You just take the small board and swimg it down bending the metal tabs and the fram a little? Or should I unsolder/snip them? Also they all to have a large black ribbon aswell? I havent found one yet. Is it under the small L shaped board to the LCD? Any guidance would be good! I'm down to L shaped board/backlight reflector and light.:bawling:
I know its hard to picture by just discription alone. I will bug her tonight (thats a switch:rolleyes: ). Earliest I can do it is tomorow evening. Its 10:30pm here and shes in college for becoming a school teacher. Little late to go over tonight yet. So will post them ASAP. Might get to fiddling with it anyhow and see how brave I am. Might not be a good thing though! But I can always resolder'em if I have to.:D
Someone else posted a pic of a slightly similar LCD. Sorry forget who but it was here- I saved the pic cause its kinda like my situation.

The lines I added to help describe some.
Green-this is a L shaped board on mine so its just a little smaller. The prob is its solderr where you see the red lines by 3 metal ground tabs to the frame that you see is bent? in this pic. Save it and zoomx2 or 4-it helps;) .

RED-point where it is solderd by 3 ground tabs, very small.. one middle one at each end. Now under that? Thats is part what I'm asking. This Board at line green is conected to the lcd somehow. Is it at this point RED that it has a black ribbon or somthing under it? To conect it to the LCD.

Blue-the frame peice I'm refering to that the board is grounded to at line red.

Will post pics of my own when I can but its really similar to that.


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I got brave and just snipped the ground tabs to the lcd panel metal frame. It works great, I'm suprised after I striped it! The black lcd ribbon was there under the frame and looks almost identical to the pic I posted. Getting back camera anyhow.....seems when you dont have it you need it most! Some weird lenses were under the lcd and i will eventually post pics of them on forum as I dont kow what they are. You'll def. need to see pics of those unless you all already know what I mean-they are silver colored and spred light big time! One has a grid etched into it...:confused:
The lenses/filter sheets under the panel are a combination of:
light pipes (for the ccfl backlight)
polarising sheets.
Don't make my mistake! Put a little sticky label or something on each to keep the physical order they were in. So saying the best performance I got out of the lcd when projecting through it was none of these filters fitted at all :)
Yes, I noticed it is alot brighter without any of them, though more uniformed light with them albut dimmer. So I'm running with nothing but lcd panel right now and a fresnel page magnifier after the light source and one as objective. Its not bright enuff but I knew that. Just trying to get the lenses right and aligned etc. 150watt halogen with refelctor and frosted lens,it makes a O.K. pattern of light, but need 250watt or so. Gonna get that Fleux light everyone keeps talking about. I only want a 4' pic in a dim room so this shouldnt req. a 500watt beast or anything I wouldnt think.

Muzzman- I will keep them in order, though I doubt I will ever put it back together again. Its staying a projector panel after all the pain it was getting it apart and then back onto a panel!:D
Just wondering....can the amount of lumens pushed through a LCD cause any damage. Lumens not heat. Cause even though I want it twice as bright as now (easy solution 500watts) if I look at the lcd through the lens it is like BRIGHT white. You can see the colors and on the wall it looks right but made me wonder at what point does the lcd loose the ability to make the colors vibrant or fails due to overload of lumens! Can it happen? Or at my level of lumens (wont go over 8000) is it not a problem?
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