HELP with my benq projector


2010-08-26 9:21 am
i bought an used dlp benq mp510 projector. it was marked as faulty and got it for a very low price (20 pounds).

at first i wanted to mod it and improvise a new light source but i found that a little risky ( i could have damaged the projector) and i also liked very much the output quality of its original lamp ( its still working).

so ,anyway, the problem is that the temperature led turns on after only 20-25 sec of use and stops the projector ( only the lamp, the fans continue to work for about 2-3 minutes). i first try to clean it so i completely opened it and cleaned it very well ( i saw a big difference on how the fans and that turbine that blows air on the lamp works), then i managed to build it back and give it a try..... the same problem.

the second thing i did was to check if its the lamps fault so i took it out of the projector ( but still connected to the wires), and i pressed that safety button that usualy the lamp cover presses. i started it with no lamp inside but still connected (i put a small flash light inside to be able to see if the projector actually projects something). the projector started normally , turned the lamp on , started projecting only that after 20 seconds the temp led light turned on again and the projector stopped.

so i am thinking either the temp sensor its on the lamp itself so in that case my metod was not good. Or the temp sensor could be defective and here is my question for someone with more knowledge than me: how do i find this sensor and is it allright if i remove it??

oh or probably the worst case scenario something else produces that heat and needs to be change ( the ballast probably??) how could i check that??

i definitely dont want to spend money on a new lamp.. but if i am sure that this will solve the problem i wont hesitate in doing so. i foun on ebay lamps with housing for 150-160$