Help with mono/stereo switch on T-amp

I need your help ,
I have a pair of poppulse t-150 used as monoblocks,while cleaning i lifted on and the switch on the bottom that switches from stereo to mono BTL,failed.
I removed the board and the switch looks like the one in the pic,
where can is source something like that or how can i fix this ?



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It's a very simple switch that should go right back together in the order shown and work, assuming the parts go in the right way round and the black part still holds the slider part fine (try it out with just these two parts first). I think the metal cover has small tabs that may need to slide underneath the base or something, which might make things a bit fiddly but still not impossible... if it won't stay on due to something being broken off, use the hot glue as suggested.
the metal cover looks dented on side ,not symetrical.
I found another switch at a local diy store,but its not slided, eventhough looks identical,its with a touch on touch switch which looks more solid.

Someone suggest me i can solder the three legs of the new switch over the three metal slides of the open switch ,to avoid removing the old.
Perhaps just shorting the proper pins together ,with glue over it is simple and more solid.
The older version had a shorting pin inside anyway.