Help with light source please

Hi everyone, sorry for that win £100 rubbish, i have to blaim that one on my son as he posted that.

Anyways, i was wandering if any body could help me on getting a cheap halogen light source... I had a 150watt one last time that came out of a slide projector which is not that powerfull..if this helps in any way heres a shot at my first build [IMGDEAD][/IMGDEAD]
ajradeon said:
thanks for the reply,
1. metal halide bulbs are cheap but the ballast isn't,, correct me if im wrong.. please
2. you said search for a 150 watt halogen,but i said in the first post that i have one but its not very bright

1. Ballasts ARE cheap if you know where to look. Old shop lights work, old street lights...etc I paid $55 for my ballast with a bulb and reflector included! They look less then 3 months old. Even the local hardware store sells them, I got a second one that is 175 watts for $30 total!

2. If you are unhappy with the 150 halogen, you must upgrade the insides to take a bigger wattage bulb anyways. This is why I said you might as well upgrade to a Metal Halide light, they put off less heat and TONS more light as well! You COULD add a second light but you will still need to deal with the extra heat and a power supply of some sort.