help with floorstanders please

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hi folks
im looking to replace my heybrooke floorstanders
currently using cambridge audio 351 a amp and 351c cd player (no intentions to upgrade them)
i find the heybrooks even with improved drivers and better wiring lack a bit of umpfff just before where the bass starts to cut in and slightly fierce in high frequencies
so any suggestions would be helpful
cost is limited to max of 500 quid for new but would consider secondhand :D
thought about
Q acoustics
must be floorstanders front ported and bi wireable
. room size dictated
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Your budget is a little light to get good AND large speakers. You could get good, or you could get large. If you went up a little in spending, and went with a good 2 way kit you could do a lot better than you would buying new.

I don't know your speakers, but do you have any measurements of your speaker response? I'd start there. You may just need some good bass traps and to put your speakers closer to the wall.

Do you like to listen loud?



What do you mean improved drivers? What did you do?
Hi Eric
Heybrook speakers are an English make no longer(had them given me) available. I had to replace main driver as they were split ..I put peerless units in and replaced the internal thin wiring with heavier gauge wire.
The cabinets are 30 inches tall by 8 x11 inches.
No can't really play loud living in a flat even though I like loud.. the cabinets are about 4 inches from the walls in the corners of the room
I know my budget is small compared to being able to get really decent speakers but then I am only using cambridge audio equipment .
Sorry, should have thought of these. The previous generation Monitor Audio Silver RS line fits your budget. May even be able to buy a pair New Old Stock. Here Crutchfield and Audio Advisor often are running sales on them.

Took them apart too. :) Quite good inside. They had a bookshelf and floor stander, so you should be able to find one that fits your budget and bass needs.

I owned a pair. The caps are standard mid-quality films. Today I'd replace tehm with Mundorf MKP's, Clarity ESA's unless you wanted more treble, then the Mundorf Supreme's. Forgot about the resistors, always replace them if any.

In any event, great musical speakers without having the classical too-laid-back British sound, despite being British. I am selling a pair of Radius 270s on Ebay right now and did some measurements. Great speaker to speaker matching even in their low end tweeters, with good extension. Not trying to hawk them to you. The 270's are pretty small and I'm not shipping. :)

IMHO the mid-line Monitor Audio are much more musical and interesting than anything I've ever heard from B&W, and I've heard from the bookshelves to the original Nautilus. Not the sort of speaker that would make me late for bed.

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found you on ebay shame you in usa im in uk best of luck selling them

How is this my fault? If you drive to San Francisco you can buy them! :)

I really wish I had the boxes, I probably would have sold them two weeks ago.

Anyway, too small and too far. My point was, Monitor Audio speakers are pretty good for the money, in terms of sound, construction and end result and you can still buy new-old-stock with full warranty if you look in the right places.


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