Help with DIY home theatre switching box


2007-05-09 2:51 am
Hello everyone. I've just made a stab at at a home theatre switching box. Actually it was already built -I'm basically using a pelican game switching box as a 6 channel home theatre switcher. I'm using the audio,componet and composite inputs as 6 channel switcher between a krell HTS and 3 nak CA5 preamps. I'm doing this because the Krell doesn't have a 6 analogue input for DVD Audio but I prefer the krell for regular movie dts and 5.1 so I'm able to switch all the inputs at once with this box.. I took apart the box before starting and noticed everything is straight wired to switches-no resistors or coils that I could see. For this reason I knew it would be OK to use video inputs in the audio section. There is just one problem though-the sound quality suffers quite a bit on either source when using this as a switch. Neither source is as detailed -it has a distance sound. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can improve this box to get back the realism these superb sources have without it? I did notice the jumpers inside are very small,all the grounds are tied together, and there is no sheilding. I did a resistance measurement from input to output on the positive leads and I'm gettin a loss of .3 ohms. There is no loss on the negatives. Any Ideas on how to improve this would be appreciated.