Help with CxD2160+SMPS320RxE build from Conneselectronic

So I just finished my CxD2160+SMPS320RxE amp and power supply from connexelectronics and I'm happy with everything except the bass output. I've switched from a TPA3116 amp and not sure if I assembled something incorrectly but the bass output is much less than I was getting from my TPA3116. I'm trying to contact Connexelectronics but I've had a time getting much communication from them. I'm a complete newbie at this stuff so was wondering if anyone could make some recommendations on where to start looking to determine my issue. The board is pretty much plug and play from connexelectronics. I've added a mains power switch, an Alps 50ohm pot, and rca jacks for input. I've tried listening from both digital and analogue sources and both have had much less bass and cone movement than I was getting with my TI board. This IRS2092s board is capable of putting out 100wpc more than the TI board. I'm using some pretty low sensitivity OB speakers that I built from the forums here (Manzanita Ultras). Any help would be appreciated.