Help with chosing a cd player

I'd save my cash and get the new cayin 17 Cd player MARK 2,,,guts lok more beefy than my mark1, has a new rectifier tube and added board. Ck out the 2 dual power supply, analogue and digital.
Price is about the same I paid in 2003.
IMHO the finest tube player on the market(under $2K+++)
Built likea tank, with no repairs in 14 years.

marantz guts looks chinzy
Cayin looks hifidelity and it is, just change the opamps to Sparkoslab discrete and you are goodtogo


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2019-01-16 12:22 am

choosing an other disc player device to feed the external dac will add nothing really better, just different. Cause spidf coax or toslink cable for the spidf protocol has too much defaults VS newest way to feed the dac. Maybe your dac is already DLNA protocol ready too ?

If you want an all in one device for your discs (film, music, sacd) yet, maybe some modern Oppo blue ray/sacd playerwill be the finest choice to compete your Schiit DAC

If your Shiit has an USB digital input it would be safer and you will notice an improvment with small monney. A network streamer for your dac means you have to rip your cd collection towards a hard disc... More work, less monney and also digital radios avaliable this way. I speak only about music, if you need is also blue rays for films I would keep the dvd player for films and use a network streamer for music only.