Help with cable conundrum!


2013-05-10 2:22 am
Sorry this is not strictly parts related, but I need some help. I'm building an amplifier using Hypex Nc-400 modules, and they recommend using balanced input. However my output is unbalanced, or RCA, and I'm not entirely sure how to hook up RCA to XLR without introducing distortion. Does anyone know the best way to hook up these 2 things up? Any help is much appreciated, thanks!


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2007-09-15 8:14 am
Unfortunately the "simple alternative doesn't seem so simple to me :confused:

Being a bit of a new person at this and electronics in general, the illustration confuses me a bit.

It involves replacing the output socket (on the preamp say) with a 3 pin socket wired so that the parts in the dashed box are internal to the preamp and connect to the "new" 3rd pin on the "new" socket.

Option 2.1 in that PDF is an even simpler method but less good.
wire the positive output to the positive input and the neutral output (ground) to the negative input. (and if your using a 2 conductor plus shield, wire the sheild to the ground of the input only) Should work perfectly well. edit: just looked at the Jensen page, I have described 2.1
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