Help with a toshiba 2SA1943 & 2SC5200 subwoofer amplifier shorten


2012-03-14 1:54 pm

Im a total newbie without electronics knowledge, but I like messing with things, I bought this amp to match a dayton RSS210.

I didnt know that I had to isolate both chips, I only did it with some thermal compound, and when I pluged it blew up the trails before the phase rectifier...

I would like to know If changing the toshiba chips and the rectifier can I make it work Again or just should buy a new one... As I already have the 42V torodial, and I would like to use it as is not a cheap transfo..

Thanks for your help!!!
The backplates of the output transistors are electrically connected to the collectors.
If your amplifier is a EF type output stage then the shorted collectors are an effective short circuit across the power supply rails.

You blow up the PSU and the amplifier survives.

But if the output stage is a common emitter then the short is from output to heatsink. That will blow up the amplifier.

Use a bulb tester !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!