Help with a 3-way crossover

Hello to everybody in this forum,

I have a pair of the Monitor audio gx100 6'' RST drivers and i can get a pair of visaton W300 + a pair of visaton g20sc for 70$.

All the drivers would be 8ohm, the monitor gold driver would have 88db sensitivity, the tweeter 88db and the woofer 91db.

Is it gonna be a good match? I've got help to do the cabinet, that won't be a big problem, but i haven't made a crossover by now, never. From the specs of the monitor gold gx100, it is crossed at 2.7khz so i am thinking i could go 200hz/3000hz. Since the midrange driver won't have to produce anything below 200hz, it would be easier to reach the 3000hz area.