Help Wiring C.A. Sub to Philips AD340 Speaker Set

I have a Cyber Acoustics (C.A.) subwoofer and a set of speakers that I pulled out of a Philips AD340 (Iphone/Ipod Dock), and might sound a little odd but a screwed them into a ramen noodle box, but i still am kinda confused on how to wire it all to a 3.5mm Jack. The two speakers out of the Philips AD340 have only a negative and positive in each (Right has red and black wires, Left has black and white wires) and the subwoofer has a grey sub 3.5 jack still attached. I know how to solder, thats not the problem, the problem is I just dont know how to wire them all to a single audio jack. I would look at my old set of speakers that came with my sub but I threw them away a while back because the AC in port was messed up and would not make contact with the terminal on the plug. Anyone got any suggestions? ' PICTURE OF SUBWOOFER PICTURE OF DOCK SPEAKER:$jpglarge$