• WARNING: Tube/Valve amplifiers use potentially LETHAL HIGH VOLTAGES.
    Building, troubleshooting and testing of these amplifiers should only be
    performed by someone who is thoroughly familiar with
    the safety precautions around high voltages.

Help translating russian tube datasheet

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I can read and understand russian a bit.

1Zh24B; 1Z24B

High Frequency pentode with short characteristic

Directly heated cathode

Mounting position: any
Max frequency 60MHz
Miniature type
Guaranteed service life 5000h

Capacity, pF:
Input 3.6+-0.4
Output: 2.95+-0.45
Through? no more 0.008
Anode-cathode no more 0.025

Nominal characteristics:

Heater voltage 1.2V
Heater current 13+-2mA
Anode voltage 80V
Grid2 voltage 45V
Grid1 voltage 0V (I think this meand that grid cannot be positive)
Anode Current 0.95+-0.5mA
Grid2 current no more 0.1mA
??? 0.9+-0.3mA/V (what is measured in these units?)
The same with heater voltage of 0.95V: no less 0.48mA/V
Input resistance (could it be?) with operation frequency of 60MHz: no less 100Kom
Something about noise and resistance at 30MHz: no more 6Kom
Negative Grid1 current at voltage of -1V and 0.5Mom resistance: no more 0.1uA

Maximum values
Heater voltage max 1.4V min 0.95V
Anode voltage 120V
Grid2 voltage 90V
Anode power dissipation 0.12W
Cathode current max 1.6mA
Grid1 resistance max 2.2Mom (I think this is the resistor which is connected between Grid1 and GND)
Bulb Temperature 105C

Other values:

Enviroment temperature max +85C min -60C (+60C is a bit too high, so I think that minus sign dissapeared:))
Pressure 5 athmospheres

What is written below I can not understand.

Did I help?
Using Google with tube name 1Zh24B I came with this info

Name 1Zh24B
Type penthode
Application HF voltage amplification
Cathode type oxide,direct heating
Envelope glass,miniature
Mass,g 4
Filament voltage,V 1,2
Filament current,A 0,011-0,015
Anode voltage,V 60
Grid1 voltage,V 0
Grid2 voltage,V 45
Steepness,mA/V 0,48
Reverse grid current,uA 0,1
Microphnic noise,mV 50
Socket type flexible
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