help to paint speaker box,s.......

Have you done much paint finishing before?
There is quite a lot of info. already on the forum. A few searches will yield some detailed results.
One thread that refers to Piano Black gloss finish has very detailed instructions so will be worth searching for.
It does depend greatly on the type and standard of finish that you will be looking for or will be happy to live with.
Good luck.
If you want to paint wood and have a spray gun and air compressor, regulator and dryer, the sky is the limit. Spraying I get better results with a second dryer at the end of a 50' hose, with another 25' hose to the spray gun. Water vapor condenses in the 50' hose and separates out before your spray it.
If you want to brush paint and want a color with out brush marks, Sherwin Williams tile clad 2 part epoxy top coat make a tile like finish but stink badly until dry. Do outside.I've only used their white color.
I've also had pretty good results with a brush (on metal) with PPG automotive acrylic enamel paint, mixed 1:1 with the reducer for spraying, and mixed with the hardner for shininess. This drips pretty badly going on, so use a drop cloth, but is so thin no brush marks result. I think it would look the same on wood, but don't have any wood I want robin's egg blue at the moment, and 3 gal of surplus paint to burn off.
Then there are spray cans. The $5 a can Rustoleum looks better on particle board than the $1 a can generic stuff. I like flat black on particle board (for record shelves).I did use spray primer. I have an 8' tall 3' wide double record shelf that simulates the monolith in 2001 the movie, next to my stereo setup with it's all black peavey components.
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