Help to get a bench power supply:-)

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I want to get a bench DC power supply for repairing solid state amplifiers I do not know how many Watt I will meat except I do not calculate on repairing professional stage gear.
I know that you have to be the perfect to ask, because I want to buy a bench DC power supply that shall act as an replacement for the transformer in a amplifier under repair or construction. What DC Voltage range would you recommend and how many Amps?
This article discusses some of your points: Variable Dual Lab Power Supply
It concludes that +- 25 Vdc / 800 mA is sufficient to test most class B (or AB) amplifiers. Make sure the supply has some form of current limiting that can be set at a low value.
What amplifier classes are you repairing? Professional stage gear sometimes uses class H, with multiple rails.
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The bulbs are the limiting, you could also use resistors, let's say you set the voltage to +/÷ 60 volt and want to limit current to half an amp, just insert 120 ohm resistors, make it more fancy with rotary switch for different limited currents add voltmeter and ammeter,
I've looked around ebay etc and the cheaper options are a low voltage regulated linear (Thurlby thandar etc) with reasonably low noise and typically +-30v 1-2 amp, or a new, smaller, higher power switching PSU still +-30v and noisy as hell, and which may or may not be a death trap. Expensive options are thinner on the ground. If you want a quiet, high voltage, limitable high current bench PSU go empty your piggy bank.
You can usually series or parallel connect decent bench supplies to get more voltage or current, but one has to be slaved to the other for control purposes.
What are you going to do? Fix arc welders? I bet that thing will buzz like crazy.
I've got a small early 70s 200V HP bench PSU and it's great, I use it all the time. It also buzzes [emoji4]
LOL yes I expect to weld the cabinet together:)

No I just found that unit, I do not need 200V since I want to use it to replace the build in PSU while testing or building. So the best would be something +/- xxV and xA.

Oh and by the way, I know what the Voltage means for the sound in an amplifier, but what does the Ampere mean for the sound?
Yes those professional unit can be scary expensive, I have to small variable bench supplies +/÷ 25v and one delta elektronika 60v 10a, I would really like a second delta elektronika and run them in series, but theese units are scarse in my country, they have sockets on rear panel for daisy chaining several units with one as master, external current sensing, very low noise etc.
I have for about a week searched the internet for a power supply but I haven't found what I am looking fore, I hope that you will please help.

I don't care it it is one or two units but what I hope to end up with is about this:
linear is prefered

+/-25V 10A and +50V 10A
0-9 keypad (wary important)

precision is not so important
Total prize, used or new do I decide later on but not above 2,000$ new.
Have you all the other equipment you need already or budgeted for? It seems like spending $2k on the be all end all power supply is overkill for DIY?
You are completely right, and I do not hope ever having to use that much, but I know of some units that mach my wishes for fare above 2K$.
My reason for such a high prize as max is that I do not want people to eliminate any unit because I did write 1,000$ or something. :)

I hope to get the perfect unit for nearly free but that is unrealistic, so if anyone knows of a model, then just tell:)
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