Help to design a small 4 way system

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Hi everyone, I'm looking for some help on a long-term project that is only in the design phase.

A little background : I've spent most of my week-ends from 18 to 25 in "free parties" and "teknivals". I mix techno, from slow acid to hardcore but mainly oldschool stuff from the early 90's.

I love those sounds outdoor and not much indoor. I presently have a RCF Ayra 10 sub and a pair of MSP5 that are enough for my needs but I'd like a better system to play techno and get back some of the feel of big, good sounds (I've always preferred 10kw of Funktion-One well set than 50kw of crap)

Ok so I've figured that what I'm missing with my small system and would make the difference, are kick bins. Those that make the kick attack really incredible (in sound, I don't need or want it to be chest-hurting in my garden), and fast, and that's what makes the "galloping" sounds gorgeous, don't know if anybody will get that.

I don't want nor need tons of volume. 85db at 10 meters would be perfect.

So I was thinking about building a reduction of a horn system to reproduce a clear, stomping, galloping sound at moderate volumes for garden (first neighbourgs are 100 meters away, other side of the house nobody, forest)

I don't know if it makes any sense but well... you'll know better that's why I'm asking.

I was thinking :
- 2 Horn Loaded 10" subs, 40-80Hz
- 2 Horn Loaded Kick-Bins, 8" 80-200Hz
- 2 Horn Loaded Meds-Hi, 5", 200-2.5kHz
- 2 Tweeters, 1", 2.5-4kHz

All active filtered with DSP so I can play with xover frequency, I have absolutely no idea however how much sensitivity each component must have to have a balanced sound and reach 85db at 10 meters

If the design makes any sense, I could begin with the MSP5 as Meds-Hi+Tweeters as it's their crossover frequency, build the kick bins, and use my Arya 10 as sub with an xover set to 80Hz and then continue to grow the line especially the subs as I feel ported design will never give me what I want, I'm not looking for long boomy basses, more for clarity.

Any help or even mocquery if my idea is stupid apreciated :)
Technically I'm not afraid of that, I have a lot of space to stock etc. but I agree it might not be the most sensible thing to do considering it's only for entertainment at low-mid levels.

I have come accross the x-tro design here : X-Tro which might make a more sensible choice as it groups 3 ways in one, including a kick-bin and seems to be a proven design. If I include passive filters, that's also less amp voices, cabling etc ?
Ok thanks, well I do have activex reflex boxes, so instead of starting from scratch, I guess that in my quest for well defined, fast punchy clear kicks I'd be better adding an active, bandpassed 8" sealed box to my system then to do someting like this :

Sub RCF Ayra 10", 40-80Hz 250W
Sealed 8" box, 80-400Hz 100W?
2x MSP5 5" + 1" 400-2.5-40kHz 40+27W

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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.