Help the Ijit: woofers in wall ledge?

I've never installed an in-wall speaker but I'd like to. I don't know the exact architecture terms, but my built in 2003 Florida home has decorative "ledges" (let's call them) that are normally used to collect dust, display ugly kitsch like baskets, and a refuge for the scared cat of the family :) [Photo in next message]. There is a space up there easily 2-3 feet wide, that I could flat mount a woofer in. Main advantage for me: my butchery would be hidden from passers-by and also minimal damage in the event I abort the experiment. Other than an ugly cord runnign down the front wall to its amp, I see no problems. Does this sound like a good baffle to mount woofer(s) upon, or am I missing important stuff? So far as I know, the walls are your standard gypsum board, two-by-four interior (not load bearing).

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Standard wall construction doesn't handle LFs at high power or we could make HT 'subs' out of drywall. but for modest playback and a low XO point, this area can work well, though may need to partition it and/or be mindful of how its organ pipe modes may affect the performance; otherwise best to limit these areas to Muzak type systems.