Help! SI mod prob. Chip ticking? Please Help.

I am modding my new SI 5066. I have put my SI chip in a new chasis and wired everything up and the chip is ticking. The ticking is also all I get out of my speakers when I hook it up. It is an even tick with a low-level hum underneath. I am new to all this but I follwed this diagram and I thought I connected everything correctly. Any advise or help is welcome.


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Ticking sound?

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In looking at your drawing I am troubled over your not adding a buffer filter cap for the power. Something like 10,000 to 33,000uf @ 16v is appropriate. This can be split into several smaller caps in parallel if space is a problem. Your power supply may not be up to the task, what are you using? Did you do anything about the input signal caps? Use a magnifying glass and very carefully look for solder bridges shorting something out. The chip pins are insanely close together and prone to this problem. Use solder wick to remove any you find and if you are lucky you haven’t destroyed the chip. More information as to what you did and are doing will help solve this problem.
Ps. I just posted and see you have posted a picture. I am now sure you have shorted something out. Neatness counts! Yes it takes more time but can save it back 10 times over it trouble shooting problems afterward. Right now take the time to go over every connection you have made and clean up all the stray wire ends.