Help! Recover a Sony CDP main board


2004-04-27 10:15 am

I have a main board from a dead Sony CDP. It has the following ICs:

CXD2551P (digital filter?)
AD1860 x 2 (DAC)

I want to build a DAC from this board by:

- building a new power supply for it
- feeding the CXD 2551 with digital data from a CS8412

Can anyone advise me the input data format for the CXD2551 and it pin configuration or let me know where I can get the data sheet for the above ICs?

By the way what is the purpose of the CXD8097? This is between the CXD2551P and the AD1860s.

Hi, It will be easier to indentify the incoming signals from CXD2500, they should be named on the PCB. The main clock should be 16.9344MHz, the format is Right-Justified, 48BCK pulses per LRCK period /this for outgoing from 2500 bus/. I have the CXD2554 DF, and some of its pins description.
but search for the CXD2500 over the net, you may find datasheet somewhere