Help please: screw / dowel or 'pocket hole screws' for JE Labs OB's?


2012-04-01 3:08 pm
Help please ref J.E. Labs Open baffle ; screw / dowel or 'pocket hole screws'

Hi Guys,
Hopefully last question!

One of the builds I’m just starting Is a J.E. Labs Open baffle with Supravox 215 tfr 64 – bicone
(as it should be quick and easy while I figure out crossovers for the more challenging OB build!)

Just wondering if anyone has done this build and would you recommend:
- screws from the front (shame as they’d be visible), hidden dowels or ‘pocket hole screws’ which I’ve just heard about?

Many thanks in anticipation,
Thanks Chris and much appreciated.

Not heard of Festool Domino's - will look those up, and full length battens = good idea
(why had I not thought of that!).

Could think of it as the MB Maybach of biscuit jointers. Gorgeously made, works like a charm, and you only need to sell one kidney to afford it.
I’ve used Lamello and Porter Cable branded biscuit jointers, but this thing makes them look like a Fisher Price toy.

DOMINO Joiner DF 500 Q-Plus DOMINO

Battens / clears would be much cheaper, and exposed dowels could certainly be used as a highlight feature


2012-04-01 3:08 pm
Great replies thanks everyone, and much appreciated.

Just covering fron seeing the price of the Dominoes!

This is one of two builds in mdf
(to keep costs down and until i see which way i want to go with drivers / baffle shapes etc).

Was about to go for the dowel approach and not considered the dismantling idea / need for storage at a later date. Really good point. Think it may be screws for now then.

Other ideas will be useful for some posh baffle material being saved for later.
Off to the workshop today :)