Help Please!!!ikm Going Crazy!!!!!!!!7"lilliput Stripy Screen------

any one out there have any idea whats going on with my screen its a 7" lilliput striped down and i plug it all in and all i get on the screen is coloured strips its driving me mad!!!
could it possibly be the control board or is the screen just stufft??? any one got any ideas or experiinced simialar problems please let me know whats going on ive just spent yet another whole day trying to get the dam thing to go but it refuses,ive thryed pulling all the cables out and puting them back in and tryin the all different ways but the best i can get is coloured strips down the screen ,any help guys would be apreciated,also if theres any one out there with a spare lilliput control board who would kindly donate please let me know!!!!
hahaha well could only but try for the donations!!!but im willing to pay for a controler if this is indeed the problem????????

ive tryed it on vga and on rca with both the same result ,
the card is sitting 90 degrees to the screen on a steel frame that i made up im pretty sure the brown ffc cables are ok as they hardely moved on disasemble but then a gain i have no multi metre to know for sure,,,,,,,,,,,erm any thing else i could try??ohhhhh yes i didnt mention this:::::
on removal of the controler card cable the small light brown plastic clip that holds the cable in to the controler snaped off this maywell be the problem also ????????????
yes i even made up a small piece of plastic the exact same size as the cable and used that to hold pressure on the cable to see if any would happen but noting stil stripy fow about 1 second i had the dispplay that said no input signal or what ever it says and then i lost it after that i tryed for hours to get that back on the screen but to no avail :-(