Help Please: Alpine MRV-1505 SM needed

Hey folks,

I've got a Alpine MRV-1505 that is having the same issues as the gentleman in this thread. MRV-1505 Thread. Anyhow, I found this thread after I stumbled on the solution that Cecil offered. When the amp arrived, one channel was blown and had seen a lot of amateur attempted repair work. All 3 N-channel fets had failed, and frankly they all appeared to be counterfeit anyhow. After replacing them and checking every component in that channel, I powered it up, and the power supply would not come on. I found that if I disconnected the 7-pin connector from the amplifier board, that the amp would power up and function perfectly. Eventually I realized that if the RCA shield were temporarily connected to primary ground that the amp would power up and then continue to run.

I decided to let it run as it was to burn in the previously blown channel while I researched the other issue. The only problem is that it blew one N-channel output in the repaired channel. I'm going through the channel again to see if I can find the issue.

The main reason I am posting is that I am hoping someone may be able to help me get the proper service manual. I have one for both the MRV-1505 and MRV-1005, but while they are both similar, there are significant differences. The thread linked above makes several references to the service manual, but the links are all dead. If anyone has it, it would be very much appreciated.

Thank you!
Thank you so much Perry! I appreciate it.

I don't use the N suffix IRF parts in linear amps. I have had nothing but trouble with N's in non switching amps.

This amp has clearly been pretty abused. I did not find any issues when testing the components of the poweramp in circuit, but I may rebuild the driving circuitry because it has left signs of overheating on teh board. Between the abuse, the phenolic boards (actual hate from me there!) and all of the jumpers, I'm going to bet that I have a lot of problems to track down.

The SM will be very helpful. Thank you!