Help! Peavey pro sub amp


2010-09-23 12:58 pm
Hi Everyone.

Not sure if this is the proper forum. Apologies if not.

I am having a problem repairing this peavey module.
To summarise. The amp was blowing main fuse and
protect led lit continuously.
Checked output mosfets and found one pair short
circuited. replaced these and now fuse no longer blows
and protect led extinguishes after switch on -this I
believe would be normal state.
However, still no output from amplifier.
Could the Tripath 3020 chip be faulty? perhaps damaged
when the mosfets went down.
I`m a hobbiest,have built amp kits in the past so
know my limits.
Would appreciate any assistance.
See following link for circuit diagram pdf.
Index of /Misc


2010-09-23 12:58 pm
Thanks for reply.

Would like to add that the mosfet Gate-Drain-Source
pins were effectively shorted together,no physical
damage to mosfets. (visually)
Given the above,would this take out the Tripath 100%?
Is there anyway I can test the Tripath -short of substitution- so
I can nail-it-down as faulty?
Many thanks.