Help: New house and speakers placement


2011-12-21 8:37 am
Hi everyone :)

I recently moved whith my GF to a new house and so I would appreciate any help in speaker placement.

Attached is the house plan and the Living room detail, the room is 5,5 meters by 3,6 meters (I'm sorry for using metrics and not imperials).

The speakers should be placed on the shorter wall, in front of the sofa, here I have a media cabinet which is 2.4 Meter long, so I have about 55 cm between the media cabinet and side wall, each side.

Also attached is a render with the speakers in place.
I have now 2 sets of speaker :
- SONY SS 7300 ulm
- Indiana Line Tesi 260

The Sonys are placed between media console and side wall, while the Indiana Line are placed on the media console.

The listening point is about 2.4 / 2.5 Meters from the front wall.

Impressions with the actual positioning :

- The Sony sounds more detailed and are great when playing acoustic albums and also 70 - 80 Rock, if I move to more modern Rock / Heavy it starts losing intelligibility / details, I don't know if it's due to side walls proximity or because they are too far , it's like having too much of stereo effect and on some records I'm not so sure about center image (phantom center).
Rising them about 30 cm seems to improve the scene but I loose punch and get a bit of harshness, not having stands I used some chairs just for test, it's a so bad idea ?

- The Indiana Line are less detailed and of course a bit of the low end is lost, but the phantom center is more clear, do I need to space them more?

I would just keep 1 set of speaker but i'm a bit lost :D

Any help would be appreciated

Apologies for my bad English