Help needed with purchasing an amplifier

Right - here's the situation:

I have got a pair of very nice speakers (in my opinion anyway), bought for £45 from Maplins. They can take 200w, but need a "Sinus" of 100w (?). The problem is I has tried powering them from a low amplifier (under 20w), and they warble. I am now confused as to what wattage will power them. amplifiers over 100w are quite expensive - do i need this at least (is this what "Sinus" means?) to get these speakers working? I know so much about electronics, but this has definitely stumped me.


Forget the wattage -what's quoted is usually the figure a speaker can / will take before self-destructing. We won't be able to help a great deal until we have some more information, i.e. namely, you haven't told us what they actually are! What you 'll really need to look out for is the sensitivity figures.

I'd be shocked if they need a minimum of 100w -the infamous 2Ohm Linn Isobarik which eats most amps for breakfast could be sucessfully used with the equally infamous NAD 3020 -all of 30w, though with some serious current-pumping potential.