Help Needed- Westrex Transformers.

HELP PLEASE: WESTREX Tx (input?) Post #1
I have a pair of what appear tp be input Tx by WESTREX. The probability is that they came from a smaller PP tube amp which was used in the old Newsreel mini-cinemas after WW11 up to probably the later 1950s.

They are marked, in ink by hand, '315Q 904010'
They are finished in a grey paint finish identical in colour to similar aged Western Electric paper in oil capacitors which I have and, see below, they may even be relabeled WE stock.,

They have x6 (+can Earth) terminals which are about 1/2" high and have ceramic insulators at the can junctions. (I do not have an on-line pic host but can email pics.)

They are 2.7" long; 1 1/8 o/d.

The low impedance side measures 1.3R , or 2.6R if I short the middle terminals.

The high impedance side measures 1K337R . That side appears to be a single winding.

Has anyone any ideas on the best use for these Txs? (I feel that they would work as MC step-ups for a low impedance MC cartridge.)

Any ideas will be much appreciated.

These came from a load of old Westrex 'demolition' pieces almost all had UK logo plates so are likely to be a Western Electric clone for the UK marketplace when the UK raised import duties on such produce.