Help needed please.


2008-01-17 1:42 pm
I'm new to this forum and would like to say Hi to everyone who reads this.

I am currently doing a design course at college and have been given a design project to do.

I have to design a loudspeaker for the high end audio market.

I have the cabinet designs sorted out no problems but I need some help with the actual drivers. The designs have to be drawn in Autocad 2008 and Inventor 2008.

I have to show exploded detail views for each component in the loudspeaker and this is where I am lost. I know I could take apart the different drivers i need to draw but im hoping you guys might be able to save me time and money.

Can anyone direct me to a site or does anyone one have 2d or 3d exploded view drawings of Subwoofers, Mid range and Tweeter drivers. If anyone can think of anything else I could need this would also be of great help to me.

Autocad files would also be of great help. The drawings are for knowledge only so you have nothing to worry about.

Thanx for taking the time to read this......


2005-10-03 6:01 pm
Hi sicknote!

Greetings from Brasil!

Are you looking for some like this?


I did it using Google SketchUp. And you can find models some here:

Hope this help you.


2008-01-17 1:42 pm
Hi Mutuano, It's detailed drawing of the actual drivers themselves I need. Thanx for taking the time to post anyway.

Hi richie00boy, thanx for those links. I don't consider it cheating as I have no intention of copying someone elses work. I have no idea at all of the parts that make up a driver or what they actually do so how is it possible for me to design something that could actually work?