Help narrow down these 4 drivers to 1 for me. TY


im looking to add some music to my business. the business is about 1200 sq ft. i would like to mount a couple of drivers on to the celing tiles above and firing straight down so we can have some music. we will mainly play nora jones, katie melua and other vocal and soft music.

so far i have these 4 different drivers in mind:

audio nirvana super 10" cast frame
TB w8 1808 8"
TB w8 1772 8"
TB w5 1611 5.25"

im looking for the best midrange possible. i also like warm and powerful male midrange/mid bass. the drivers also have to be easy to work with (probably will wire them directly into some kind of tripath or digital amp.

my current top pick is the tb w8 1772 due to its high sensitivity and smooth fq response.

please help me select one of the four above drivers. i value and appreciate your recommendation. if there are other drivers that i should look at, please let me know. im looking to buy tonight or tomorrow. thanks for your help.
For ceiling i would buy these.

8" Full-Range Ceiling Speaker |

They won't have the TB mids but mounted in ceilings they will sound fuller in the bass. The TBs will roll off in the bass drastically mounted in ceilings... tho i never tried it. Also, the TB 1808 and 1772 are very heavy and if one fell from the ceiling on you it might cause death!