Help me with this UCD 180 OEM

Reposting here as this seems to be a more appropriate forum

Hey all

I am building an amp using UCD180 OEM modules and feeding the unbuffered input, everything fine with the PSU and it works for a few seconds and mutes shortly after I turn it on. While I was troubleshooting it, I noticed that it plays for a few seconds every time after I connect pin 34 to low and then it just mutes until I disconnect pin 34 and reconnect it to low.

Any hint?


2013-10-16 4:18 pm
Pin 34 is default on stand by mode. To pull down to activate amp it must be connected to ground pin which is either 5,6,7 or 8 pin of the module. It cannot be connected to anything
Else. I presume that you are using single power supply to power both modules. Use a dvm to check voltage of the supply when connected to module on positive n negative rail & see whats the reading