Help me with my wiring problem....

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First off I am new here. I didnt see a Welcome forum so here i am.

I am currently in Delaware. I have a 2005 Mazda 6i. It currently has a Clarion VZ509 H/U, Clarion NP509 GPS, Infiniti Kappa 69.2 6x8's in all 4 doors, JL500.1 Amp running 1 - 12" Rockford Punch P3.

I am currently trying to wire in the Infiniti Kappa Four amp for my door speakers. and herein lies my problem.

Instead of having wires just pass through the door jamb and into the door, Mazda (as well as Jeep from what i can tell) uses molex connectors in the door jambs. In reading the Mazda forums, everyone is doing one of three things.

1) Do the job the correct way, pull the connectors, find where the factory wires arent, drill through the connector, pray you dont knick one of the other wires, pull new wire through the connector. this would be the cleanest look. but it is also the most pain in the ***, time consuming thing.

2) Drill through the door jamb near the connector, put a small slit in the rubber boot to then feed the new wires into then they will go into the door as the should without the stupid connector. Quickest easiest way. only about an inch of wire would ever be visible and that would only happen when the door was open.

3) and this is why i came here and where my questions really lies, I can run the speaker wire from the amp to behind the head unit and splice into the factory wiring for the front speakers and from the amp to the factory wiring just inside the car in the B pillars and splice in there for the rears. This is the most worrisome to me as i cant find a definitive answer on whether this is safe or not. 125wx4 through factory wiring seems alot to me...

So, what do you guys think? I worry about drilling out the Molex connector as i know people have lost there window functionality by nicking another connection while drilling out the unused connection.

Help. Please.
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As long as you have the wiring diagram or maybe the service manual this should work. The only possible problem is the gauge not being large enough causing some loss but not that much probably. This is a short run so it should be ok. There is not a chance of melting wire until you get to very high power so that is not a worry. I think it will work great and you will be happy with the result. I hope this helps.
What I did on my jeep was pull 4, 2 conductor wires to the head unit, and wire the 4 channels directly to the headunit's adapter harness, leaving the headunit's internal high level outputs disconnected from the harness, I have a little over 100watts per speaker running through the factory jeep wire, and have not had any issues.
I didnt wanna pull the wires out of the door in my toyota pu. I did pretty much the same thing. Just clipped the wires at the harness and hooked them up to the amp right near the headunit.

I have been running 70 watts to the door speakers for about 6 years no problems.
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