Help me understand audison LR605XR 5-ch amplifier


2009-09-12 9:14 am

I had to open an audison LR605XR 5-channel amp to replace a trimpot in the crossover and have some some questions.

I "think" I can clearly identify 6 channels. 4 small channels with 1 pair of OT each on the input side of the amp and 2 bigger channels with 6 OT each pretty much in the center of the amp.

I initally thought that the signal for the subwoofer was splitted off on the input board, probably summed in some way and amplified, thus 5 channels.

What is the usual way 5 channels amp are build ?

Just curious on this one, as I thought about checking the bias before putting it back together and that question puzzled me, even if not directly related.

Thanks in advance,



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