Help me un-fold Mindstorm

Tuliman said:
I need help to un-fold it, it doesn't fit in my room ;-)

Here is a detailed description of the simulation/construction etc (albeit in German):

I do not know, how you exactly want to unfold it, but the inner heigth of the straight TQWT is given as 170 cm. See the first MK spreadsheet simulation in the link for all other relevant dimensions.
Any experiences with this design? It seems VERY elaborated and very well buildt.

Could someone sugest a better-sounding (very detailed sound, good bass - not too deep) speaker (TQWT, Voigt Pipe or similar) in the same amount of money as the Mindstorm? Also with Monacor speakers and not too large, for rock music specially, 2*50-75W would be enough for me.