Help me set up my PA system!!!

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Hey guys. I'm having some major problems with my PA system. It is for my youth room. Right now our equipment is, Peavey XR 1200D mixer board, PEavey PV 260 power amp, 2 65 w peavey monitors 112HS monitors, and two pv 215 mains, and another peavey PV 14 mixer board. we also have a snake running from the stage to the sound room. It is from rapco horizon company. It has 12 mic type inputs, and 4 1/4 inch inputs. This is what our goal is, please help me. Basically we want to get the instruments controlled in certain monitors, and vocals controlled in certain monitors. To where the singers can hear themselves but not overpowering music, and same with the band. We have a keyboard player, drummer, guitarist. Please help!! I think we will have to get a separate amp for the mains, but I have no idea where to plug stuff. Thank you.
You will need to use the 'Monitor Sends' to set up each monitor mix, say vocals in A and instruments in B; and yes, you will need separate amps for each monitor mix and the mains. Concentrate on the vocal mix, if you need instrument monitors either you've got a very big stage or it's too loud... it's politically difficult, but the musicians should control their levels so they can hear each other without extra monitors - hint: point the guitarist's amp at his ears, not his knees...
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ordinarily, a snake has 12, 16 or 20 xlr inputs to the mixer, and 4 1/4 outputs from the mixer back to the stage for the amps. The amps are usually set up on the stage, because the high currents in the speaker wires makes it economic for them to be short. (I use 10 ga SO3 super flexible industrial cord (rated 480vac) for my speaker wires) You need 1/4 phone jack to xlr converters for the guitar and bass amps on stage to run back to the mixer inputs. (if your 1/4's are indeed inputs with female on stage and male plug at the mixer, that is fine instead for instrument inputs). If you have the 4 output (1/4 jack at mixer desk, 1/4 plug at stage), then plug mixer stage buss outs to one pair and monitor buss outs to the other pair. One stage amp to each pair of outputs. Hint, the effects loop controls goes on the audience buss and amp, not the monitor buss and amp. The effects is like a reverb/flanger box, one popular brand here is digitech. More 1/4 phone cables. Effects are not required in the beginning.
if your stage audience speakers are 8 ohm, and your monitors are 8 ohm, it is possible to hook them in parallel (but not ideal) as peavey amps are rated to drive 4 ohm loads. The band I bought my rig from was doing that on a CS800s. The audience speakers are not loud enough, but who's listening to teenagers. My speakers have a minimum of 5 ohm on an 8 ohm rating, but not to worry, the amps are rated to 2 ohm minimum, not really 4 ohm minimum. Complete data on your speakers is available on, support button, literature archive button. Look at the alphabetic list, as what you call your device may not be exactly what the Peavey librarian calls it.
You don't mention any microphones. SM58's are kind of the basic choice, or other dynamic mike. Watch leaving the phantom power on the mixer to the mikes, as instruments do not like it. SM58's don't use it, I believe.
One trick for longevity is NOT using 1/4 phone plugs for your speakers. Use dual banana plugs, which cannot be confused with input or guitar hookups in the dark. Use 130 watt pistol grip soldering gun to solder wire to plugs.
Good luck, happy practice.
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