help me get info about a transformer that comes from a Crown XLS 202 PA amp


I am picking a Crown Xls 202 apart, just for the fun of it. Have had it for sale for a year but no one wants it for 100e..

Well, the transformer has these markings on it:

toroid international LTD
P/N: TI-64851G
Harman: GB202

strange number aside from the other:E115159

SL 0142

This si the strange markings i find on the toroid.. The company name, i couldnt even find a working homepage for them.. so.

I would like to know the output of it and the VA it produce.

I hope it will be in the area somewhere 50-65 V + - and hopefully around 500+ VA.
do someone know anything about it? It wights circa 4-5,5 kg i believe

And the transistors in the amp, the output devices: MJ15024/MJ15025,
are they something that is usefull?´

I a only interested in high power amps, 200w is minimum for me. The Leach amp is another story, even if it doesnt have the power i want, i am still going to build it to mymothers home stereo probably, or use it in the kithen.

thanks in fore hand

The Chump

2006-10-04 8:16 pm
Crown XLS 202 was originally the C Audio GB202, which was rated at 145W/8R, 200W/4R, 250W/2R. Power rails probably +/-60Vdc or so, with extra tappings to supply +/-24vdc for powering relays protection etc.
The transformer is probably about 250VA and was custom made by Toroid International who now go under the name of Noratel.

MJ15024/MJ15025 : Very nice if you want to make a 200-600W amplifier.
Watch out for those live heatsinks though.