Help me design high eff 2way


2014-06-22 6:45 am
So i have in mind a high efficiency 2way floorstander to use as my mains.

At first i thought to put fusion 8 (from diysoundgroup) into a floorstanding enclosure, but wheres the fun in that? And also, though i dont have fusion8's crossover schematic, i dont see a notch filter for the tweeter, and the response curve has a peak that id like to eliminate. Basically, i wanna take the fusion 8 concept and optimize the heck out of it

So let's have fun :)

I already chose eminence beta 8 for the woofer (because it was really cheap.. haha)

enclosure is going to be either tqwt or karlsonator.

Tweeter im going for either de10 or de12. Im leaning toward 10 because even with worse spec i read that it mates better with a waveguide.

What i really need help with is the crossover.

It will be crossed at 2500hz, recommended for de10.

What should i keep in mind as i try to design it?