Help me choose my free speakers

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I am a 17 year old salesman who has sold enough speakers to be offered one of two sets of speakers... what would you pick and why (a) or (b) ?
I kinda am leaning towards towers because they are more expensive and its why not..but I like the silver...I do know the 6000 has aligator clips, wheras the towers have gold plated binding posts...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..anybody have experience with one of the two?
I know this will sound snarky

But pick the one that has the best resale. Get around enough good speakers and the polks will not make you happy. You will have dreams of others pretty quick.

Why? They are mass market mid-fi units. They won't go the last mile for you. As you hear more speakers, you will find the ones you love - you will get the itch for them. Happened to all of us here (Or we would not be here). Its a strange thing... it always ends up the ones you want cost more than you have. Thus the DIY thing in the first place. I know that when I fell in love with my Daulqist so many years ago, it was beg, borrow and steal time.

You can ignore the thought - but I would put money on it.
Listen to both of them with the kind of music you like the most (if possible with your own system or with a cd+amp similar to yours), wait a bit, listen them again and pick the one that sounds better for you!
Don't worry about look and finish, loudspeakers never worked too much to impress girls, a Ducati Moster or an MG B are much more effective for that :) !

Been there, done that...
Yes, you can resell them--later. Matthew Polk is not going to camp out on your front lawn with a pair of binoculars waiting to catch you bidding your speakers good-bye. Do you think that every salesman who ever got stuff on accomodation or as a spiff still owns the hardware? Man, I'd have five systems going if that were the case.
I'm a wee bit on the jaded and cynical side; I agree with the earlier post. Get the one that has better resale value. Take the speakers home. You'll be deliriously happy for the first couple of months (wow! new speakers!). Enjoy the honeymoon. Live with them a year. Then sell them and get something decent. No one will bite you if you sell them a year later.

thanks for the feedback...I am actually going to get the polkrm7200 shown here: I sold enough to get it for free, so why not I guess. It's just for my room, so I think it'll suffice considering I don't own anything in my room that's 1200 dollars. I will power it with my onkyo txds696 that I got a couple days ago...

Does anyone have experience with that new 7000 series? I thought it was a step up when it comes to polk. It didn't sound quite so flat or muddy as some polks can....

Once again...thanks for the feedback! :D :D :D

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I rebuilt some crossovers for an older pair (3 years old from today) of tower Polks for a friend, after sending them back to the store twice. So much for 5 year parts and labor...

Anyway, the set I fixed had 2 6-1/2" drivers in a tower. They sounded ok. But there isn't much to them. I recommended a set of the same years model, but with only 1 6-1/2" driver towers to a friend, but only because he was getting them at half the cost. He had 4 in dolby surround. It sounded ok.

Oh, as for the repair I did... It turned out that a 5 watt resistor was too close to a coil that had a protective tape coating. the resistor got too hot and melted the tape or coating on the coil. Smoke would bellow out from the port of one speaker. I by-passed the caps Dayton tin-foil caps for $2 and put in a higher rated resistor, and raised it off the PCB away from the coils. End of problem.

I'd go with the towers if you are going to listen to stereo, but I'd go with the surround for surround setup. The towers are easy to modify.

I don't think either one will blow you away. I'd go for function in this case.

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