help me about comparator(such as lm319,lm339)

hello everyone I am happy to find this good forum.
recently I have some trouble about class D amplifiers,please help me.

my design is to compare an ac signal with analog ground. ac signal is sampled from electric net who's frequency is 60HZ and peak value is -2.5 to 2.5 volt. while the value is positive,I want the amplifier output 5v TTL compatible level,while it is negative,the amplifer output 0v TTL compatible level.

what amplifier I should be use? I only have lm319.and lm339.

since lm339 is of sigle power supply.
I think should chose lm319.

when compare the ac signal, a hysteresis resisters network should be added. I suppose that when signal is bigger zhan 0 volt,the amplifier output 5v,when signal is smaller than 0.4 volt
the amplifier output 0v, and the power supply of the amplifier is
+-15 v , how to connect circuit???
thanx for all friends who thinks about thies problem
if your reply attached with a picture, it is more better